SEPTEMBER 24-26, 1996
                                  DOE HEADQUARTERS
                                   GERMANTOWN, MD


                                TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24

8:30 AM.  Brief Review of Pre-APS Milestones

              Are we on track?  Detailed discussion of status deferred for
              specialized sessions.

        Kernel Development Plan:

             DATE            MILESTONE

             8/29:  -  Incorporation of full grid structure complete.

                    -  Implcit solve incorporated.

             9/12:  -  Implicit field solve with susceptability tensor S
                       incorporated.  (Initially S will not contain the
                       full plasma response.)  This code will be
                       compiled by this date, but not necessarily checked
                       out.  (Cold plasma only.)

                    -  Validation plan prepared.

                    -  Begin testing with different forms of S.

            10/24:  -  Prepare APS posters.

            11/11:   -  APS meeting, Denver.

        GUI/Pre-/Post-Processor Development

              DATE            MILESTONE

             9/15:  - Create screens using Tcl/Tk.

            11/1:   - Limited functionality and integration with Kernel
                      successfully demonstrated.

            11/11:   - APS meeting, Denver.

10:30 AM.  Break

10:45 AM.  Assessment of Pre-APS Progress

        *  Identify problems

        *  Items needing attention

        *  Formulate plan to address problems

12:00 NOON.  Lunch

1:00 PM. Report on Status of NIMROD Solver

        * Results

        * Implicit solve

        * Grid

3:00 PM. Break

3:15 PM. Parallel Computing/CG Issues

        *  Portable Parallel CG Solver

                - Possible software from ICF3D (Alice K.)

                        - Data formats

                - Collaboration with ISIS group

                - C++/F90 compatability issues

        * Higher level parallelization in NIMROD

5:00 PM Adjourn.

                                WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25

8:30 PM. Status of Post-Processor Development

        * IBM Data Explorer

                - Is this the permanent solution for NIMROD?

        * XDRAW

        * Interface to GUI

        * Ready for APS?

10:30 AM. Break

10:45 AM. Status of Pre-processor Development

        * Suitability of NetCDF format

        * NIMSET

                - Functionality

                - Interface to GUI

        * Ready for APS?

12:00 NOON. Lunch

1:00 PM. Status of GUI Development

        * Review screen functionality and functionality diagram

                -  Look for errors/inconsistencies

        * Interface to Pre- and Post-processors

        * Progress

        * JAVA/Conversations with Russell Hulse

        * Demonstration of GUI screens

        * Ready for APS?

3:00 PM. Break

3:15 PM. Formulate Post-Aps Development Plan and Milestones

5:00 PM. Adjourn

                                THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26

8:30 AM.  Any Unfinished Business and Discussions

10:00 AM. Break

10:15 AM. Other Business

        * Collaboration with Keldysh Institute

                - Possible areas for collaboration (prioritized):

                   1. Benchmarking and spectral pollution

                        Benchmarking requires intensive effort that team cannot
                        presently afford.  Spectral pollution problem to be
                        evaluated during benchmarking

                   2. Moving boundary/separatrix

                        High potential payoff.  Moves this up in the development

                   3. Gridding

                        Lower priority for now, but problems may show up during

        * Discussion of DOE 2000 Issues

        * Preparation of APS presentations (discussion)

        * Set future meeting schedule

        * Action items

12:00 NOON. Adjourn.