April 20 - 21, 2002
                         Strathallen Hotel
                          Berkeley Room
                          Rochester, NY




0830 - 0915: Vacuum region and Resistive Wall (Scott K.)

Scott has been discussing issues with Ahmet.  They are meeting at Sherwood
to set up test case.  Scott's tearing mode test case is very challenging
computationally.  Perhaps he should look for a simpler case, such as Ahmet's
VDE case.

      - n=0 status/VDE for ITER????

This is still an open question.

0915 - 1000: Energetic particles (Charlson)

Charlson reported progress.  Needs to extend formulation to higher order
elements, and introduce other generalizations.

No results were presented.  Test cases are underway.

Results promised by June meeting.

We need to formulate a 5-year physics plan.

1000 - 1045: CEL Closures (Eric)

Attempt to capture bulk electron kinetic effects into fluid equations.  Work
on stress tensor and parallel heat flux.  Eric has developed a
computationally tractable formulation (with many subtleties).  Formulation
is valid for arbitrary collisionality.

1045 - 1200: Flow, pre-conditioners, non-symmetric matrices, 2-fluid, etc.

No new 2-fluid results.

ET problems still having difficulties with flow.

Mike Kissick is re-establishing the coupling between NIMROD and AZTEC.
Benchmarking has been successful.  New AZTEC is 2-3 times fastger than
native NIMROD solve.  We will also compare this performance with PETSc.

1200 - 1400: LUNCH


1400 - 1445: DIII-D 86144/87009 (Dalton)

Progress was presented.

1445 - 1515: Other DIII-D applications (Dylan)

Many interesting results were presented.

1515 - 1545: Fast reconnection (Scott K.)

Scott showed results.  There were some questions raised about the relevance
of the results.

1545 - 1600: Plasma thruster (Alfonso)

Alfonso could not attend the meeting.

1600 - 1630: Alternates (Carl)

Reported results by Giovanni Cohn on the GEM challenge problem.

Start of ST problems, in this case Pagasus, was described.

Jim Reynolds talked about PPCD simulations for RFPs.


1630 - 1730: Alan G.

Alan gave a very interesting and informative talk on his new work.


                          OTHER BUSINESS

0830 - 0930: Discussion of benchmarks, etc

   - MHD??

We've done 2/1 tearing mdoe linear and non lienar.

1/1 kink linear and nonlinear

   - 2-fluid??

We may need a new 2-fluid benchmark.  How about the GEM challenge problem.

   - Hot particle??

See below.

Make plans for hot particle physics problems!!!!!

Scott P. is taking the lead.  Priority of problems:

0. CEMM benchmark case.

1. Effect of energetic particles on internal kink.  We would prefer a DIII-D
case, then maybe a JET/ICRF problem.

The following are speculative:

2. Kinetic effects on MHD modes in NSTX.

2-prime:  TAE modes.  Ming to provide stable TAE eigenfunction for testing

We'll talk more about this in June.

   - How can we get more out of this collaboration??

We can use SCIDAC collaborations on linear solvers and graphics.

0930 - 1000: Planned papers, talks, etc.

   - Snowmass

   - IAEA

   - APS

   - ???

Plan for CEMM presentations.

1000 - 1030: Team Meetings

   - Boulder in June (Scott P.)

June 3-5 in Boulder.

      - Conflict with SCIDAC???

Yes, but so what?

      - Meeting/hotel arrangements

1030 - 1100: Graphics, data, pre- and post-processing issues

   - MDSPlus++ (Scott K.)

Scott gave a summary.

Scott K. is looking into converting ghe dump files to hdf5 format.

   - NimX (Charlson)

1100 - 1200: Presentation on SCIDAC graphics support (Scott Klasky)

Scott Klasky gave an informative an interesting presentation.

1200 - 1230: Other business

   - Anything else to discuss???

Rostom - we should look at old milestones and see how we are doing.