JUNE 16, 2000





- Higher order elements (Carl)

Almost fully functional for rblocks with arbitrary order of element. Still

some uncertainty about the effective wavenumber for the CFL condition with

higher order elements. May need to just try something heuristic.

May have a beta-test version for the team to try within a week or so.


> - Parallel computations (Steve P.?)

Steve has received $20K from the computational initiative. Will work on

parallel issues with AZTEC, and maybe particle issues.

> - Resistive wall (Tom)

Implemented for slab and periodic cylinder. Right now it is explicit.

Waiting for responses from Morrel Chance. Still having problems with flow.


> - Neo-classical closures (Tom)

Nothing new to report. Tom will try more spatial resolution. He's also

looking at other cases.


> - Kinetic closures/particles (Charlson)

Previous particle tracking algorithm didn't work. A new algorithm is being

tested. Problems with energy conservation may arise from inadequate grid



> - Pre-/post-processing issues/Vacuum (Scott K.)

Vacuum: not much done since Sherwood. Linear is finished, nonlinear not

finished yet (still have to implement semi-implicit operator). Will start

again week after next (going to Madison next week).

PP-processing: MDS+: Scott met with Jeff Schachter (GA) today. NIMROD is

hooked up to MDS+ data base and will be used as a demo for GA computational

intitiative proposal. Scott is working well with them. We're going to

give them a "real" case (high-S #86144.2250 from Dalton??)



>FYI: Here are the goals from Sherwood:





>Res. wall BC. Implemented Tom. G 06/00 (slab only) Still on track/n=0


Works. See above.

>Lin. high-beta disr. Physics Alfonso 04/00 linear is working; nonlinear is

>running now/Ming to revisit GATO problem

Dalton to take the nonlinear case over. Problems with SP3 have been reported.

>Linear vac. validated w/GA Scott K. 04/00 Ming to get case to SK for

>Sherwood/still on track

See above.

>Nonlinear vac. Implemented Scott K. 04/00 Very close; SI resistivity needs

>to be implemented

See above.

>Push particles in NIMROD fields Scott P. 04/00 drift orbits calculated/now

>needs to be debugged

See above.

>AZTEC into current ver Steve P 08/00 awaiting version 3

See above.

>OO/C++ structure Ahmet 11/99 conceptually implemented (in Ahmet's

>head)/progress related to POOMA's advance/POOMA uses finite differences;

>can't be reconciled with NIMROD's FE formulation/this appears to be DEAD!

Has not revived. Should be deleted. (POOMA is also "dead", are

practically so.)

>"Fully functional" high ord. eles. Carl S. 04/00 (beta version) Version 3 by

>APS (11/00)??

See above.

>2-fluid multi-hel. RFP Rick N. 06/00 Numerical problems/still having

>problems/needs higher order elements?? (can use beta version)

Rick was not at the meeting.

>Compete SSPX case Alfonso 11/00 Problems w/triangles; eq. is finally good,

>now can start the case

Equilibrium is being tested. Fields are decaying, hopefully will become


>Flow and high-S in ET J.-N. 09/00 Need beta version with high-order

>elements; ready for comparison with FAR

Awiats new version.

>Demo. of nonlinear high-S Dalton 11/00 (linear up to S=10**9; S=10**5

>nonlinear done; still need to push to higher S)

Strong flows are limiting the time step.

>Formulate diamag. Corrections Chris H./Jim C. 04/00/giving talk tomorrow





> - M3D collaborations (All)

1. Tom has sent a test case to Hank and Wonchull. Resistive tearing mode

in TFTR. Tom's case might not be unstable. Have requested a new case from

Hank and Wonchull, haven't heard anything yet. We need an interface to


We still haven't identified a test case. Scott says he can and will

identify a case.

2. Rick has sopme 2-fluid test cases from Linda Sugiyama.


> - Las Vegas meeting (Dalton)

Meeting will be announced soon.

- APS???

Dalton probably won't be at APS. Maybe we could have a winter meeting in



> - Other ??