NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda   

October 31, 2009

Hanover Hall E, Hyatt Regency Atlanta


Model development:

8:30-9:00         Tom Jenkins—Coupling NIMROD and GENRAY with the Integrated Plasma


9:00-9:30         Scott Kruger—Assorted development issues and FSP Science Driver directions

9:30-10:00       Jianhua Cheng—Progress on Kinetic MHD algorithm


10:10-10:40     Jeong-Young Ji—Moment approach to the closure theory for toroidal plasmas

10:40-11:10     Charlson Kim—Progress on the FLR PIC model in NIMROD with applications to


11:10-11:30     Cihan Akcay—Meshing for shaped cross sections

11:30-12:00     Alfonso Tarditi—Progress on Aerospace Applications of the NIMROD Code


Analysis and benchmarking:

1:00-1:30         Carl Sovinec—Applying differential approximation to the implicit leapfrog

1:30-2:00         Bonita Burke—Completion of the ELM benchmark with ELITE

2:00-2:30         Andrea Montgomery—Resistive wall mode verification


2:30-3:00         Richard Milroy—Simulations of FRC formation and sustainment using rotating

magnetic field (RMF) current drive


3:10-3:30         Tom Bird—Numerical simulations of current-channel relaxation for startup

3:30-4:00         Dalton Schnack—Update on giant sawtooth study

4:00-4:30         Ryoji Takahashi—Update on energetic particle effects on resonant MHD

4:30-5:00         Jake King—Two-fluid dynamo and saturation in a cylindrical pinch

5:00-5:30         Ping Zhu—Ballooning instability near separatrix

5:30-6:00         Fatima Ebrahimi—Simulations of the Plasma Couette Flow Experiment

6:00-6:15         Curtis Bolton/Rostom Dagazian—View from Germantown



team dinner


Presented at CEMM meeting 11/1/09:

Valerie Izzo—Runaway electron confinement in MHD disruption mitigation simulations

Eric Held—Implementations and applications of continuum closures