NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

October 27, 2012, Providence, Rhode Island

The Westin Providence, Providence I&IV Room

8:15-8:30 Welcoming and coffee

Computational topics:

8:30-8:40         Carl Sovinec—Quick update on basis function investigations

8:40-9:10         Eric Howell—Spectral-element convergence with NIMEQ

9:10-9:40         Jacob King—Using solves in NIMSET to clean-up equilibria

Physical model development and analysis

9:40-10:00       Andi Montgomery—Update on resistive-wall boundary conditions

10:00-10:10     break

10:10-10:40     Peter NorgaardPlans for implementing a dynamic neutral species

10:40-11:10     Tom Jenkins—Update on coupled RF/MHD simulation

11:10-11:55     Eric Held—Continuum drift kinetics coupled to NIMROD's fluid model


11:55-12:25     Jonathan Hebert—CTH modeling update

12:25-1:30       lunch break

1:30-2:15         Nick Murphy—Asymmetric magnetic reconnection in the solar atmosphere

2:15-3:00         Val IzzoImpurity mixing and radiation asymmetry in MGI simulations of D3-D

3:00-3:30         Bick Hooper—Coaxial Helicity Injection (CHI) and flux-surface closure for

start-up plasmas in NSTX

3:30-3:40         break

3:40-4:10         Ping Zhu—Recent developments on ELM modeling

4:10-4:40         Cihan AkcayTwo-fluid simulations of the HIT-SI experiment

4:40-5:10         Jianhua Cheng—Kinetic MHD simulation of large delta-prime tearing mode

5:10-5:40         Dalton SchnackUpdate on ITG computations with NIMROD

(presented by Sovinec)


team dinner