NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

October 25, 2014, New Orleans, Louisiana

Galerie 5, New Orleans Marriott

This team meeting will follow a discussion-oriented format.  Listed speakers should plan for brief (~20 min.) presentations to summarize their topics with the intent of stimulating the discussion sessions.  Everyone is welcome to bring slides for the discussion periods.

Meeting Minutes

8:30-8:45 Welcoming and coffee

8:45-10:15 Computational topics:

Carl SovinecHyper-resistivity and other "stabilization" methods

Jake King—Coupling of Fluxgrid and NIMEQ

Discussion of these and other NIMROD computational topics

10:15-10:30     break

10:30-12:00 Physical model development:

John O'Bryan— Generalized fluid viscosity model and log(n) evolution

Andi Becerra— Refining the general RW boundary condition and application to NSTX equilibria

Kyle Bunkers Numerical vacuum region for VDE computations

Discussion of these and other NIMROD model development topics

12:00-1:30       lunch break

1:30-4:45 Applications:

Tom Jenkins Giant sawtooth modeling

Bick Hooper Application to CHI startup in NSTX

Fatima Ebrahimi—CHI for NSTX-U and Hall MRI

Jonathan Hebert—NIMROD modeling of CTH

Nick Roberds Unstable kink modes in a CTH-like tokamak

Chang LiuA Hybrid Simulation Model for Runaway Electron Interaction with Tearing Mode

Discussion of these and other applications topics (including a break somewhere)

4:45-5:30 NIMROD output discussion


team dinner