NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

November 10, 2007

Salon 19, Rosen Center Hotel, Orlando, FL






8:45-8:50         Welcoming—breakfast refreshments

8:50-9:20         Charlson Kim—status of hot particle modeling and other PSI-C topics

9:20-9:50         Eric Held—update on nonlocal closures

9:50-10:20       Scott Parker—research on simulation-particle-based closures




10:30-11:00     Scott Kruger— boundary conditions and Taylor-problem computations

11:00-11:30     Srinath Vadlamani—interfacing with PETSc


Project improvement:


11:30-12:15     Sovinec, Held, Kruger, Kim—action items from summer discussion


lunch break




1:30-2:00         Richard Milroy—FRC applications

2:00-2:30         Val Izzo—disruption mitigation

2:30-3:00         Fatima Ebrahimi—stabilization of interchange with gyroviscosity

3:00-3:20         Ping Zhu—Ballooning in circular cross-section tokamaks




3:30-4:00         Jim Reynolds—computational PPCD study

4:00-4:30         Alexei Pankin—ELM computations for CPES

4:30-5:00         Tom Jenkins—Island evolution with current source

5:00-5:20         Alfonso Tarditi—current and planned NIMROD activities at U-Houston


5:20-5:30         Rostom Dagazian—view from Germantown




team dinner—to be arranged