NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

November 6, 2010

Hyatt Regency, Skyway 260, Chicago, Illinois

Computational topics:

9:00-9:30         Scott Kruger—New software engineering aspects of Nimdevel

9:30-10:00       Ben Jamroz—Integration of PETSc for nonlinear solves

10:00-10:30     Charlson Kim—Update on the hybrid kinetic-MHD model in NIMROD

Physical model development:

10:40-11:10     Tom Jenkins—Coupled IPS/NIMROD/GENRAY simulations

11:10-11:40     Eric Howell—Update and discussion of fluid ITG with NIMROD's model

11:40-12:10     Jianhua Cheng—Kinetic MHD simulation of tearing modes

1:20-1:50         Eric Held—Benchmark of NIMROD's continuum drift-kinetic modeling with NEO and simulation particle results

1:50-2:20         Jeong-Young Ji--Moment approach to the drift kinetic equation for toroidal plasmas


2:20-2:50         Ping Zhu—Gyroviscosity-induced FLR effects on peeling-ballooning instability

2:50-3:20         Mark Schlutt—Straight stellarator simulation update: are 3D magnetic equilibria robust to MHD instability?

3:30-4:00         Richard Milroy—Summary of recent FRC formation calculations

4:00-4:30         Nick Murphy—Resistive MHD simulations of X-line retreat

4:30-5:00         Fatima Ebrahimi—Global Hall-MHD simulations of MRI and update on finite-pressure effects in RFPs

5:00-5:30         John O'Bryan—Computations of current-channel evolution with a cold background

5:30-6:00         Andrea Montgomery—Progress on computations with error-field boundary conditions

6:00-6:20         Cihan Akcay—Recent results from low-S resistive MHD simulations of the HIT-SI experiment