NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

November 12, 2011

Salt Lake City Marriott, Salon D

8:30-8:45 Welcoming and coffee

Computational topics:

8:45-9:10         Carl Sovinec—Computations with discontinuous basis functions

9:10-9:35         Andy Spencer—A 2D FE + 1D Fourier treatment of the Fokker-Planck Equation

Physical model development and analysis

9:35-10:00       Jeong-Young Ji—Closures and transport in the collisionless limit: linear theory

                        and beyond

10:00-10:25     Tom Jenkins—ECCD-induced tearing mode stabilization in coupled

                        IPS/NIMROD/GENRAY simulations

10:25-10:35     break

10:35-11:00     Mukta Sharma—Parallel electron heat flow closure in an inhomogeneous

                        magnetic field

11:00-11:25     Eric Held—Continuum kinetics in NIMROD

11:25-11:50     Charlson Kim—Energetic Particle Simulations with NIMROD

11:50-12:15     Jianhua Cheng—Kinetic MHD simulation of large delta-prime tearing mode

12:15-1:30       lunch break


1:30-2:15         Jake King—First-order FLR effects on magnetic tearing and relaxation in pinch

                        configurations (APS invited)

2:15-2:40         Ping Zhu—Response of edge current density to RMP

2:40-3:05         Dalton Schnack—Update on ITG study

3:05-3:30         Mark Schlutt—Update on CTH modeling using NIMROD

3:30-3:40         break

3:40-4:05         Cihan Akcay—Resistive MHD Simulations of the HIT-SI Experiment

4:05-4:30         Andrea Montgomery—External resonant error-field penetration and shielding in a

                        periodic cylinder

4:30-4:55         John O'Bryan—Numerical simulations of non-inductive startup in the Pegasus

                        Toroidal Experiment

4:55-5:20         Rick Nebel—Electrostatic mode locking


team dinner