NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

November 14, 2015, Savannah, Georgia

Harbor A, Westin Savannah Harbor

Meeting minutes

Computational development:

8:30-9:00         Carl SovinecNew work on free-boundary equilibrium computations

Physical model development:

9:00-9:30         Jeong-Young JiElectron parallel closures for arbitrary ion charge number


9:30-10:00       Fatima EbrahimiUpdate on CHI in NSTX-U and preliminary computations for

                        C-Mod analysis

10:00-10:15     break

10:15-10:45     Bick Hooper— Nonaxisymmetric effects in strongly driven Coaxial Helicity

                        Injection in simulations of NSTX

10:45-11:15     Kyle Bunkers— Linear stability and nonlinear external kink evolution

11:15-11:45     Josh SauppeLinear resistive drift mode and toroidal effects in RFP tearing


11:45-12:15     Tom Jenkins— Modeling Giant Sawtooth Modes with PIC Closures in NIMROD:

                        Recent Progress

12:15-1:30       lunch break

1:30-2:00         Eric Howell—Developments on 2-fluid internal kink benchmarking

2:00-2:30         Nick RoberdsConvergence properties of sawtooth simulations in CTH

2:30-3:00         Valerie IzzoProgress on MGI modeling with rotation

3:00-3:30         Torrin Bechtel— Updates on Finite-Beta Stellarator Simulations

3:30-3:45         break

3:45-4:15         Jake King— Update on Meudas cases and the effect of SOL profiles on

                        experimental constraints

4:15-4:45         Andi Becerra (presented by Jacob King)— Using NIMROD to find critical

                        normalized beta for RWM stability in NSTX equilibria

4:45-5:15         Kyle Morgan— Updates to HIT-SI modeling

5:15-5:45         Simon Woodruff—3D MHD simulations of spheromak compression


team dinner