NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

Hybrid Format, January 16th and 17th, 2023

3550 General Atomics Court San Diego, CA 92121

Times are in U.S. Pacific Standard Time

Monday, January 16th:

1:00 PM      Jacob King, GPU programming update

1:45 PM      Eric Howell, Using least squares to specify the q-profile in FGNIMEQ

2:30 PM      Eric Held/Andrew Spencer, Continuum kinetics in NIMROD

3:15 PM   break

3:30 PM     Valerie Izzo, External RMP boundary conditions with internal coils

4:15 PM      Discussion of forthcoming SciDAC call

Tuesday, January 17th:

9:00 AM      Debabrata Banerjee, Linear NIMROD simulations of n=0 vertical mode in straight tokamak configuration and comparison with analytic results

9:45 AM    adjourn until 1pm

1:00 PM      Sophie Sharpe, Resistive wall capabilities for CAT

1:45 PM      Omar Lopez, Update on particle deposition towards a coupled KORC-NIMROD framework.

2:30 PM      Alex Sainterme, Update on an instability that occurs at large resistivity with just the runaways + magnetic field

3:15 PM   break

3:30 PM      Carl Sovinec, Update on the Fourier-banded preconditioning

3:45 PM      Joseph Jepson, Efforts to Make Coupled Kinetic-Fluid Simulations Stable