NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Boulder Creek Living Room, Millenium Harvest House Hotel, Boulder, CO




8:15-8:30         Welcoming and coffee service

8:30-9:00         Carl Sovinec—preconditioning tests

9:00-9:30         Eric Held—mixed-method T-advance, 3D solves, and continuum CEL-DKE

9:30-10:00       Srinath Vadlamani—interfacing with PETSc


10:15-10:45     Charlson Kim—status of hot particle modeling

10:45-11:15     Jeong-Young Ji—update on using moment-based closures

11:15-11:45     Scott Kruger—grid generation and convergence

Project improvement:

11:45-12:15     Scott Kruger, Eric Held, Charlson Kim, and Val Izzo—

organization of closures and radiation modeling

lunch break

1:15-1:30         Dan Barnes, Scott Parker, and Charlson Kim—

discussion on simulation-particle-based closure


1:30-2:00         Ping Zhu—ballooning in tokamak geometry and interchange update

2:00-2:30         Fatima Ebrahimi—use of MSTFIT equilibria

2:30-3:00         Val Izzo—RMP modeling

3:00-3:30         Tom Jenkins—island evolution with current source


3:45-4:15         Ryoji Takahashi—hot-particle effects on tearing modes

4:15-4:45         Dylan Brennan—other NIMROD-related activities at U.-Tulsa

4:45-5:15         Carl Sovinec (also for Nick Murphy, Eric Howell, and John O’Bryan)—

modeling developments for MRX, CDX-U, SSPX, and Pegasus

5:15-5:30         Curt Bolton/Rostom Dagazian—view from Germantown

5:30                 discussion of dates and location for the next meeting


team dinner—to be arranged