NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

March 22-23, 2014, San Diego, California

Bahia Hotel, Mission Bay Ballroom E (5th floor)


Meeting Minutes

Saturday, March 22

8:15-8:30 Welcoming and coffee

Numerical methods:

8:30-9:00         Ben SturdevantSub-cycling and orbit-averaging


Physical model development and analysis:

9:00-9:45         Jake King—EHO modeling and the ideal-like limit

9:45-10:30       Andi Becerra—General resistive-wall boundary

                        and applications to large R/a torus and NSTX

10:30-10:40     break

10:40-11:25     Carl SovinecImplicit thin-wall and related information

11:25-12:10     Eric Held—Progress on continuum closures in


12:10-1:15       lunch break


1:15-2:00         John O'BryanSimulated flux rope evolution and relaxation during non-

                        inductive startup in the Pegasus ST (practice for oral session)

2:00-2:45         Valerie IzzoModeling MGI with field errors

2:45-3:30         Tom JenkinsGiant sawtooth: status, plans, and potential issues

3:30-4:15         Ping Zhu—Update on DIII-D RMP computations

discussion / dinner

Sunday, March 23

8:45-9:30         Jonathan Hebert—NIMROD modeling of CTH

9:30-10:15       Eric Howell—Pressure-driven spheromak modes and nonlinear saturation

10:15-10:30     break

10:30-11:15     Josh SauppeComputations and analysis of nonlinear two-fluid relaxation

11:15-12:00     Fatima EbrahimiMagnetic reconnection in NSTX