NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

April 17, 2010

East Room, Renaissance Hotel Seattle


Model development:

8:30-9:00         Carl Sovinec—Linear time-centered computations, thoughts on basis functions,

and a nonlinear external kink computation

9:00-9:30         Scott Kruger— Integration of NIMROD with PETSc and NIMROD Software


9:30-10:00       Tom Jenkins—Progress on RF/MHD coupling

10:15-10:45     Eric Held—Update on continuum closure computations

10:45-11:15     Jianhua Cheng— Progress on the MHD closure with kinetic ions and drift kinetic


11:15-11:55     Charlson Kim (and Dalton Schnack)— Status of Lorentz-particle and giant

sawteeth simulation

11:55-12:25     Andrea Montgomery—Resistive wall mode update


1:45-2:15         Ping Zhu—Solving ballooning equations in NIMFL

2:15-2:45         Val Izzo—Runaway electron confinement modeling for DIII-D disruptions

2:45-3:05         Bonita Burke—Nonlinear ballooning evolution

3:05-3:35         Ryoji Takahashi and Dylan Brennan—Flow and energetic particle effects on n=1

and n=2 tearing modes in a DIII-D discharge

3:50-4:20         Jake King—Nonlinear two-fluid RFP results and helical surface plots

4:20-4:50         Eric Howell—Linear two-fluid spheromak studies

4:50-5:20         Brian Nelson—Simulation of ICC Experiments by the PSI-Center

5:20-5:40         Cihan Akcay—Update on HIT-SI simulation

5:40-6:00         Discussion