NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

April 30, 2011

AT&T Conference Center  Room 104, Austin, Texas

8:30-8:45 Welcoming and coffee

Computational topics:

8:45-9:10         Scott Kruger—Status of nimdevel

9:10-9:35         Charlson Kim—Hybrid Kinetic-MHD Simulations - Status and Updates

9:35-10:00       Carl Sovinec—Convergence on interchange and NSTX simulation update from B. Hooper

10:00-10:25     Eric Held—Progress on an efficient s-grid for drift kinetic computations

10:25-10:35     break

10:35-11:00     Josh Sauppe—Spectral convergence on stochastic heat transport

Physical model development and analysis

11:00-11:25     Tom Jenkins—Coupled IPS/NIMROD/GENRAY simulations of ECCD-induced tearing mode stabilization

11:25-11:50     Jeong-Young Ji—Update on general moment calculations

11:50-12:15     Jianhua Cheng—Progress on kinetic-MHD simulation

12:15-1:45       lunch break


1:45-2:10         Ping Zhu—ITG-driven instabilities in extended MHD

2:10-2:35         Dalton Schnack—Preliminary ITG results

2:35-3:00         Jake King—Two-fluid multi-helicity relaxation and momentum transport

3:00-3:25         Mark Schlutt—Update on stellarator simulations using NIMROD

3:25-3:35         break

3:35-4:00         Cihan Akcay—NIMROD simulations of the HIT-SI experiment

4:00-4:25         Alfonso Tarditi—NIMROD simulations of high-power plasma flows in a magnetic nozzle

4:25-4:50         Valerie Izzo—DIII-D validation applications

4:50-5:15         Andrea Montgomery—External error-field penetration and shielding in NIMROD

5:15-5:40         Rick Nebel—Electrostatic mode locking


team dinner