NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

April 13, 2013, Santa Fe, New Mexico

La Fonda Hotel, New Mexico Room

Meeting minutes

Computational topics:

8:30-9:00         Carl Sovinec—Using trigonometric cardinal functions in doubly periodic


9:00-9:30         Jacob King— Improvements to the matrix sparsity and to data transfer to external

                        solvers; benchmarking the 'meudas' case

Physical model development and analysis:

9:30-10:15       Dan Barnes— Low-B gyroviscosity and NIMROD implementation

10:15-10:25     break

10:25-11:10     Eric Held— Update on continuum drift kinetics coupled to NIMROD's fluid


11:10-12:10     Dalton Schnack— Comparison of Kinetic and Extended MHD Models for the Ion

                        Temperature Gradient Instability in Slab Geometry

12:10-12:35     Jianhua ChengApplication of the hybrid simulation with Lorenz-force fluid


12:35-1:35       lunch break


1:35-2:20         Ping Zhu—Plasmoid formation in a generalized Harris sheet

2:20-2:50         Jonathan Hebert—NIMROD modeling of CTH

2:50-3:20         Josh Sauppe—Computations for benchmarking drift-tearing and nonlinear two-

                        fluid relaxation

3:20-3:50         Eric Howell—Two-fluid spheromak formation computations

3:50-4:00         break

4:00-6:00         Special Session in Celebration of Dalton's 70th: anecdotes and technical work

                        stemming from collaborations with Dalton Schnack

Ed Caramana—Adventures of the Three Musketeers in the land of Dr. Rowdyshrub

Rick Nebel— Early collaborations and recent work on current drive with helical electrodes

Bill Ho—Reflections on working with Dalton

Carl Sovinec— Inauguration and leadership of a community code development effort

Scott Kruger— Dalton's rules and sayings

Chris Hegna—The school of hard-knocks model extension

Dan Barnes—Semi-implicit and semi-young


Also see NIMROD presentations from the April 14 meeting of the Center for Extended

Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling at .