NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

April 2, 2016, Madison, Wisconsin

Private Dining Room, Lobby Level, Madison Concourse Hotel


Computational development:

8:30-9:00         Carl SovinecFollow-up on free-boundary equilibrium computations

9:00-9:45         Eric Held—Grungy details for continuum kinetics in NIMROD

9:45-10:15       Jacob KingUpdate on fluid neutral model development

10:15-10:30     break

10:30-11:00     Valerie Izzo—Update on the OMFIT NIMROD module


11:00-11:45     Valerie IzzoMassive gas injection with pre-existing islands

11:45-12:30     Joshua SauppeThree-dimensional PIC and fluid computations relevant to


12:30-1:30       lunch break

1:30-2:15         Nicholas RoberdsSimulations of sawtoothing in CTH

2:15-3:00         Jacob King— Nonlinear NIMROD modeling of DIII-D QH mode discharges with

                        broadband-MHD turbulence

3:00-3:30         Kyle Bunkers—Update on external kink modeling

3:30-3:45         break

3:45-4:15         Andrea Becerra—Update on RWM computations

4:15-4:45         Craig Jacobson and Karsten McCollamRFP validation studies

4:45-5:15         Zz RifordPegasus non-inductive startup: temperatures and heating

5:15-5:45         Torrin Bechtel— Toroidal stellarator computations

5:45-6:15         John O'Bryan—Update on spheromak formation study


team dinner