NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

April 21, 2018     Auburn, Alabama

Terrace 2/3, Hotel at Auburn Univ./Dixon Conference Center


Computational development:

8:30-9:00         Jacob King, "NIMROD semi-implicit time-advance algorithm studies to address

                        flow and flow-shear driven numerical instabilities"

9:00-9:45         Generalized blocks discussion - led by Jacob King

9:45-10:15       Daniel Barnes, "Improved boundary integral methods for NIMROD"

10:15-10:30     discussion / break

Physical model development:

10:30-11:00     Hankyu Lee, "Implementing moment equations for parallel closures in NIMROD"

11:00-11:30     Eric Held, "Linearized drift kinetic equations in NIMROD ++"

11:30-12:00     Joseph Jepson, "NIMROD Modeling of Poloidal Flow Damping Using a Delta-F

                        Kinetic Closure"


12:00-12:30     Andy Spencer, "Application of continuum drift kinetics to parallel heat transport"

12:30-1:45       lunch break

1:45-2:15         Torrin Bechtel, "Stellarator Simulations with Reduced Divergence Errors"

2:15-2:45         Shikui Cheng (presented by Sovinec), "Effects of toroidal flow direction and

                        plasma density on edge localized modes in tokamaks"

2:45-3:15         Matt Beidler, "Linear Simulations of 3D-Field Penetration in DIII-D Limited L-

                        mode Plasmas"

3:15-3:30         discussion / break

3:30-4:00         Cihan Akcay, "Nonlinear simulations of locking in the presence of tearing layers

                        with real frequencies"

4:00-4:30         Eric Howell, "Maxwell torque scaling and locking threshold"

4:30-5:00         David Markham, "Equilibrium calculation with toroidal flow in NIMEQ"

5:00-5:30         Haolong Li (presented by Sovinec), "Study on effects of toroidal rotation on

                        tokamak equilibrium using the extended NIMEQ"


team dinner