NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

April 13, 2019     Princeton, New Jersey

Team Meeting Minutes

Computational development:

8:30-9:00        Daniel Barnes, Boundary integrals for non-ideal wall effects

9:00-9:30        Brett Adair, Multiple speed domains in continuum kinetic calculations

9:30-10:00      Trevor Taylor, Higher-order shape functions for delta-f PIC in NIMROD

10:00-10:30    Eric Howell, Status of FLUXGRID/NIMEQ

10:30-10:45    break

Physical model development:

10:45-11:15    Hankyu Lee, Advanced parallel closures using general moment equations for

NIMROD simulations

11:15-11:45    Andrew Spencer, Implementation of continuum kinetics for parallel heat transport

11:45-12:15    Joseph Jepson, Update on verification of delta-F kinetic implementation

12:15-1:30      lunch break


1:30-2:00        Jacob King, Update on QH-mode computations

2:00-2:30        Torrin Bechtel, Numerical Issues in Stellarator Stability Calculations

2:30-3:00        Urvashi Gupta, Numerical Study of Quasi-Single Helicity with NIMROD

3:00-3:15        discussion / break

3:15-3:45        Jacob Maddox, Energy Transfer through plasmoid reconnection in slab-geometry

resistive MHD computations

3:45-4:15        Kyle Bunkers, Combining Braginskii closures with magnetic presheath


4:15-4:45        Open source vs. open access vs. team collaboration discussion


team dinner