NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

May 1-2, 2009

Held at: Tech-X Corporation

5621 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder  CO


Friday, May 1

8:45-9:00 Welcoming and coffee

Performance development and scaling:

9:00-9:30         Carl Sovinec—Newton-Krylov in NIMROD

9:30-10:00       Travis Austin—Overview of algebraic multigrid (AMG) work

Model development:

10:00-10:30     Jeong-Young Ji—General closure theory for magnetized plasma


10:40-11:10     Jianhua Cheng—Progress on MHD closure with kinetic ions and drift-kinetic


Project improvement:

11:10-11:40     Scott Kruger, discussion leader—Repositories and regression test discussion


11:40-12:10     Charlson Kim—Visualization of nonlinear screw pinch simulations

lunch break

1:20-1:50         Ryoji Takahashi—Preliminary results on kinetic effects of energetic particles on

nonlinear resistive MHD stability

1:50-2:20         Dalton Schnack—Preliminary results on Giant Sawtooth modeling

2:20-2:50         Tom Jenkins—Modeling ECCD stabilization of resistive tearing modes

2:50-3:20         Val Izzo—Progress and plans for runaway electron tracking and disruption



3:30-4:00         Mark Schlutt—Update on modeling a straight stellarator with NIMROD

4:00-4:30         Ping Zhu—Two-fluid ballooning simulation

4:30-5:00         Bonita Squires—Ideal linear benchmarking between NIMROD, ELITE, and


team dinner

Saturday, May 1

9:00-9:30         Tom Bird, John O'Bryan, and Eric Howell (presented by Sovinec)—Updates on

helicity injection modeling

9:30-10:00       Jake King—RFP two-fluid and single helicity modeling

10:00-10:15     Rostom Dagazian—view from Germantown

10:15-10:30     Discussion of dates and location for the next meeting


travel to Denver for CEMM / Sherwood