NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

Virtual, May 24th and 25th, 2023

Times are in U.S. Eastern Daylight Time

Wednesday, May 24th:

11:00 AM      Jacob King, Recent progress on GPU infrastructure optimization

11:25 PM      Eric Howell, Linear and nonlinear RMP modeling in KSTAR

11:50 AM      Joseph Jepson, A successful benchmark of the full Chapman-Enskog-like (CEL) kinetic closure approach in NIMROD – towards running with an n=1 applied RMP

12:15 PM   break

12:45 PM     Hankyu Lee, Implementing general moment equations for parallel closures in NIMROD

1:10 PM David Arnold, Development of non-axisymmetric resistive wall models for MHD simulations of HBT-EP and other tokamaks

1:35 PM Charlson Kim, Update on Disruption Mitigation with Shatter Pellet Injection

2:00 PM                      adjourn

Thursday, May 25th:

3:00 PM      Andrew Spencer, Benchmarking NIMROD's Simultaneous Advance of Temperature and CEL Kinetic Closures with Ion Acoustic Modes

3:25 PM      Sanket Patil, Updates on numerical implementation and testing of NIMSTELL

3:50 PM      Omar Lopez, Development of a coupled KORC-NIMROD equilibrium solver for runaway electron beam modeling

4:15 PM   break

4:45 PM      Alex Sainterme, Linear Fluid RE update

5:10 PM      Valerie Izzo, Thermal quench and resistive wall effects on DIII-D runaway electron mitigation coil modeling

5:35 PM      Discussion, Discussion

6:00 PM                      adjourn