NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

June 14-15, 2012, Research Room, 1025 Engineering Centers Building

1550 Engineering Drive, Madison, Wisconsin

NIMROD presentations from CEMM meeting, June 12-13 (a complete set of CEMM presentations is available at

Carl Sovinec                Ideal MHD Eigenvalue Analysis of Spectral Elements

Dalton Schnack           Verification of NIMROD with Fluid ITG-like Modes

Scott Parker                 Extensions of Kinetic MHD for Edge Pedestal Plasmas

Charlson Kim              Hybrid Kinetic MHD with NIMROD

Scott Kruger                Update on Continuum Kinetics in NIMROD (for Eric Held)

Jacob King                  Verification of Tearing-mode Drift Effects with Extended MHD

Jim Callen                   RMP Effects on Pedestal Plasma Transport

Ping Zhu                     MHD Simulations of ELMs on KSTAR

Valerie Izzo                 Simulation of EXTRAPT2R RFP with Applied n=12 RMP Fields

Tom Jenkins                ECCD-induced Tearing Mode Stabilization in Couplied IPS/NIMROD/

                                    GENRAY Simulations

John O'Bryan             Simulation of Current-filament Dynamics and Relaxation in the

                                   Pegasus ST


Thursday, June 14

8:15-8:30         Welcoming and coffee

Model development:

8:30-9:15         Jeong-Young Ji           Closures in toroidal geometry

9:15-10:00       Andy Spencer A 2D Finite Element/1D Fourier Solution to the Fokker-Planck


10:00-10:45     Scott Parker     Progress on Kinetic MHD

10:45-11:00     break


11:00-11:45     Ping Zhu         Edge Tokamak Plasma Responses to RMP

11:45-12:30     Val Izzo           Progress on disruption mitigation and runaway electron modeling

12:30-1:10       lunch

1:10-2:00         Cihan Akcay   Recent progress and results from the NIMROD extended MHD

                                                simulations of HIT-SI

2:00-2:30         Charlson Kim      HKMHD with Lorentz particles, current coupling, and FRC


team building activity


Friday, June 15

8:45:9:15         Mark Schlutt   Update on stellarator-tokamak hybrid modeling

9:15:9:45         Jonathan Hebert          Modeling of the Compact Toroidal Hybrid (CTH)

                                                            using NIMROD

9:45-10:15       Josh Sauppe    Two-Fluid Modeling of Current and Flow Relaxation in the

                                                Reversed-Field Pinch

10:15-10:30     break

10:30-11:00     Andi Montgomery      Implementation of resistive walls in toroidal geometry

Computation and solvers:

11:00-11:30     Eric Howell     Evaluation of Mercier criterion on non-aligned meshes

11:30-12:00     Jacob King      Threading NIMROD with OpenMP

12:00-12:30     Scott Kruger    "Tricks" used in GK and implications for NIMROD

12:30-1:00       Carl Sovinec    Generalized vector element implementation and Optimization