NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

July 16-18, 2007

University of Wisconsin-Madison

4610 Engineering Hall, 1415 Engineering Drive




Monday, July 16




8:30-8:45         Gathering (coffee and breakfast snacks)

8:45-9:00         Welcoming and brief historical perspective

9:00-9:30         Carl Sovinec—Leapfrog centering and energy diagnostics

9:30-10:30       Charlson Kim—Hot particle developments and NIMLITE




10:45-11:30     Chris Hegna—Closures for RF/MHD interaction

11:30-12:15     Jeong-Young Ji—Recent progress on moment-based closures


lunch break


1:30-2:30         Eric Held—Time dependence and other nonlocal closure topics

2:30-3:30         Scott Kruger—SVN repository status and boundary conditions




3:45-4:15         Eric Howell—Poloidal flux diagnostic

4:15-4:45         Carl Sovinec—Algebraic solvers and preconditioning

4:45-5:15         Srinath Vadlamani—PETSc and Hypre

5:15-5:30         Dan Barnes (in absentia)—IMP update

5:30-6:00         Development-related discussion


team dinner—to be arranged


Tuesday, July 17




8:30-8:45         Coffee and breakfast snacks

8:45-9:15         John O'Bryan—Transport verification computations

9:15-9:45         Scott Kruger—ELM benchmarking

9:45-10:30       Val Izzo—Disruption mitigation




10:45-11:15     Adam Bayliss—HIT-II simulation

11:15-11:45     Dalton Schnack—g-mode updates

11:45-12:15     Ping Zhu—Two-fluid blob formation


lunch break


1:30-2:15         Nick Murphy—Global two-fluid simulations of MRX

2:15-2:45         Jake King—Linear two-fluid reconnection with guide field

2:45-3:15         Carl Sovinec—Nonlinear two-fluid reconnection computations


3:30+  Team-building experience


Wednesday, July 18


8:45-9:00         Coffee and breakfast snacks

9:00-9:45         Chris Carey—Astrophysical jet simulation

9:45-10:15       Dylan Brennan—Research plans with NIMROD at U-Tulsa




10:30-10:45     Break into discussion groups

10:45-11:45     Reconvene, present ideas, summary


11:45-12:00     Arrangements for pre-APS team meeting


12:00 adjourn