NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

July 29-31, 2009

Univ. of WI-Madison, 106 Engineering Research Building


Wednesday, July 29

8:30-8:45 Welcoming and coffee

Coding issues:

8:45-9:30         Carl Sovinec—Surface-E in 2-fluid computations, data reordering, and exploring

                        a 3D semi-implicit operator

9:30-10:00       Jake King—Exploring ILU with SuperLU 4.0

10:00-10:30     Scott Kruger—Status of NIMDEVEL


Model development:

10:45-11:30     Jeong-Young Ji—Update on moment-based closures

11:30-12:15     Eric Held—Continuum solution of the drift kinetic equation in NIMROD

12:15-12:45     Charlson Kim—A review of energetic particles in NIMROD

lunch break


2:00-2:45         Fatima Ebrahimi—Two-fluid and gyroviscous effects on RFP interchange

2:45-3:15         Eric Howell—Extended MHD calculations of interchange in spheromak equilibria

3:15-4:00         Bonita Burke (presented by Sovinec)— Update on ELM benchmarking+


4:15-4:45         Ping Zhu—Update on two-fluid ballooning

4:45-5:15         Mark Schlutt—Update on straight stellarator modeling and analytics

5:15-5:45         Andrea Montgomery—Resistive wall mode studies in NIMROD

team dinner

Thursday, July 30

8:30-9:15         Ryoji Takahashi—Update on energetic particle effects on resonant MHD

9:15-10:00       Dylan Brennan—Toroidal flow effects on 3/2 and 2/1 resistive modes driven by a

1/1 internal kink

10:00-10:30     Jake King—Gyroviscous and two-fluid effects on tearing, coupling, and dynamo


10:45-11:30     Tom Jenkins—ECCD-induced resistive tearing mode stabilization and rational

surface motion

11:30-11:50     Matt Behlmann (presented by Brennan)— An analytic slab tearing stability

problem with constant current gradient

lunch break

1:00-1:45         Val Izzo—Progress on runaway electron modeling

1:45-2:15         Dalton Schnack—Brief summary and status of giant sawtooth calculations

2:15-3:00         Chris Carey—Nonlinear evolution of kink unstable jets

team building exercise

Friday, July 31

9:00-9:45         Charlson Kim—Summary of PSI-Center simulation studies [file on RMF for FRCs]

9:45-10:15       Cihan Akcay—Simulations of HIT-SI

10:15-10:45     Tom Bird—Numerical simulations of current-channel relaxation for startup

10:45-11:15     John O'Bryan—Simulations of non-inductive startup and flux compression

11:15-11:45     Jason Gates (presented by Brennan)—Linear stability and nonlinear evolution of

helicity injected spheromaks

11:45-12:15     Chris Hegna—On ion diamagnetic stabilization of ideal ballooning modes in the

                        presence of spatially varying omega-star_i

12:15-12:45     Review of NIMROD-related CEMM goals and

discussion of dates and location of next meeting