NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

August 10-12, 2010

Tech-X Corporation, 5621 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, Colorado


Tuesday, August 10

Algorithm and Model development:

8:20-9:05         Carl Sovinec— Basis function studies

9:05-9:50         Joshua White— Primer on FE stabilization methods

9:50-10:35       Ben Jamroz— Integration of PETSc for nonlinear solves

10:45-11:15     Chetan Jhurani— Solvers and preconditioners

11:15-12:00     Thomas Jenkins— Progress on RF/MHD coupling

1:10-1:55         Andrea Montgomery— Resistive wall boundary condition with an external error


1:55-2:40         Eric Held— Drift-kinetic computations with NIMROD

2:40-3:25         Jeong-Young Ji— Recent results from general-moment computations

3:35-4:20         Jianhua Cheng— Kinetic MHD simulation of the tearing mode

4:20-5:05         Charlson Kim—Status of simulation-particle capabilities


5:05-5:50         Simon Woodruff— WS applications of NIMROD

Wednesday, August 11

8:30-9:15         Valerie Izzo— Runaway electron modeling progress

9:15-10:00       Dylan Brennan— Energetic particle effects on n=1 and 2 resistive MHD

instabilities in a DIII-D discharge

10:00-10:45     Dalton Schnack—Linear and nonlinear fluid stability properties of DIII-D

shot #96043 at t=1900 ms

10:55-11:40     Jacob King— Two-fluid tearing and relaxation in RFPs

11:40-12:20     Bonita Burke (presented by P. Zhu)— Nonlinear peeling and ballooning:

theory and simulation

12:20-1:00       Ping Zhu— Ballooning instability of RMP configuration

2:00-2:45         Mark Schlutt— b-limits in m=2 straight stellarator simulations

2:45-3:15         Joshua Sauppe— Revisiting OFCD for RFPs

Thursday, August 12

9:15-9:45         Eric Howell— Status of spheromak-related computations

9:45-10:15       Ivan Khalzov (presented by Schnack)— Simulations of the plasma dynamo exp.

Team Topics:

10:15-10:30     Valerie Izzo—MP21 repository update

10:30-11:00     Peter Messmer— Introduction to computing with GPUs

11:10-11:45     Ping Zhu— Profiling information from CScADS workshop

11:45-12:15     Scott Kruger—Update on FSP disruption science driver and Joule milestone

12:15-12:30     Further discussion