NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

August 3-5, 2011, Cherry Room, Riverwoods Conference Center

615 S. Riverwoods Parkway, Logan, Utah

Wednesday, August 3

8:30-8:45 Welcoming and coffee


8:45-9:30         Bick Hooper—Modeling transient CHI in NSTX

9:30-10:15       Carl Sovinec—Zero-beta computations of CHI in HIT-II


10:30-11:15     Dylan Brennan—Kinetic effects of energetic particles on a 2/1 resistive tearing

                        mode in DIII-D

11:15-12:00     Tom Jenkins—ECCD-induced tearing-mode stabilization


1:30-2:15         Mark Schlutt—Update on stellarator modeling using NIMROD

2:15-3:00         Valerie Izzo—Disruption modeling progress

3:00-3:45         Ping Zhu—Stabilizing effects of edge current density in peeling-ballooning


Computation and solvers:

4:00-5:00         Allen Sanderson—Update on field-line analysis & Mini VISIT tutorial

team dinner

Thursday, August 4

8:45-9:30         Andy Spencer—Adapting NIMROD to solve the Fokker-Planck equation

9:30-10:15       Eric Held—Preconditioning DKE solves in NIMROD for transport time-scale



10:30-11:15     Carl Sovinec—Update on interchange convergence study

11:15-12:00     Scott Kruger—TBA

12:00-12:45     Charlson Kim—New developments in hybrid kinetic-MHD

lunch and team-building activity

Friday, August 5

Model development:

e9:00-9:45       Jeong-Young Ji—Parallel closures in the collisionless limit

9:45-10:30       Mukta Sharma—Parallel electron heat flow closure in an inhomogeneous

                        magnetic field


10:45-11:30     Ping Zhu—ITG-driven instability in extended-MHD

11:30-12:15     Richard Datwyler Two-species plasma fluid tests with 2D Fourier transform