NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

August 13-15, 2013, Boulder, Colorado

Tech-X Corporation, 5621 Arapahoe Ave.


Tuesday, August 13

Computational topics:

9:00-9:45         Carl Sovinec— Spectral projections for interchange and numerical smoothing

9:45-10:30       Ben Sturdevant— Progress on sub-cycling and orbit averaging in kinetic MHD

                        hybrid simulations

10:30-10:45     break

10:45-11:15     Scott KrugerINCITE proposal

Physical model development and analysis:

11:15-12:00     Eric Held— Improvements for continuum closures in NIMROD

12:00-12:45     Jeong-Young Ji— Implementation and application of the moment method

12:45-2:00       lunch break

2:00-2:45         Peter Norgaard— Reacting plasma/stationary neutral fluid simulations in

                        NIMROD, implementation and preliminary results

2:45-3:30         Andi Montgomery— Progress on toroidal resistive wall boundary conditions

3:30-4:00         discussion of computation and modeling progress

4:00-4:15         break


4:15-5:30         Ping Zhu—Response to RMPs in DIII-D

team dinner

Wednesday, August 14

8:30-9:15         Jugal Chowdury— Progress on global tearing mode simulations in GEM

9:15-10:00       Jacob King—Update on drift tearing

10:00-10:45     Josh Sauppe (via ReadyTalk)—Drift-tearing benchmarking with a trigonometric

                        equilibrium profile

10:45-11:00     break

11:00-11:45     Valerie Izzo— Simulation of massive gas injection in DIII-D

11:45-12:30     Simon Woodruff, James Stuber, and Sam Schetterer (via ReadyTalk)— Extended

                        MHD simulations for application to ITER disruption mitigation techniques

12:30+             lunch break and team-building activity

Thursday, August 15

8:45-9:30         discussion of disruption modeling and PPPL workshop (led by Dylan Brennan)

9:30-10:15       Jonathon Hebert— Modeling of the current ramp phase of a CTH discharge (movie)

10:15-10:25     break

10:25-11:10     John O'Bryan (via ReadyTalk)— Update on Pegasus current-injection modeling

11:10-11:55     Bick Hooper (via ReadyTalk)— Modeling for TCHI in NSTX

11:55-12:15     discussion of application needs