NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

August 12-14, 2014, Logan, Utah

Riverwoods Conference Center, 615 Riverwoods Parkway


Tuesday, August 12

9:00-11:30 Informal discussion of the optimal NIMROD code (join when convenient) notes; prepared contributions from JK

11:30-12:30     lunch break

Computational topics:

12:30               Welcoming

12:30-1:00       Carl Sovinec Experimentation with a vector potential formulation

1:00-1:45         Dan Barnes—The semi-characteristic method for the Vlasov equation

1:45-2:30         Jake King—Results from implementing parallel I/O and interfacing NIMROD

                        with FFTW / Discussion of plans for integrating FLUXGRID and NIMEQ

Physical model development and analysis:

2:30-3:15         Eric Held—Completion of NIMROD/NEO benchmark and plans for continuum

                        hot particles

3:15-3:30         break

3:30-4:15         Jeong-Young JiRecent progress on moment-based closures

4:15-4:45         Andi Becerra—Refinement of general resistive-wall boundary conditions and

                        preliminary results

4:45-5:30         Peter NorgaardAnalysis with neutral momentum and energy equations

5:30-6:15         Jake King—Recent progress on drift-tearing analysis and verification

6:15-6:45         Discussion of computational and physical model development

team dinner

Wednesday, August 13


8:00-8:45         Eric Howell—Parametric study of interchange modes in spheromak equilibria

8:45-9:30         Josh SauppeNIMROD extended MHD simulations of plasma relaxation


9:30-10:15       Ping Zhu—QSL structures of ballooning induced plasmoids in the magnetotail

                        and RMP update

10:15-10:30     break

10:30-11:15     Tom Jenkins—Progress on modeling giant sawtooth modes with NIMROD

11:15-12:00     Jonathan Hebert—Simulation of magnetic islands in CTH current rise

12:00-12:30     Nick RoberdsVMEC import functionality

12:30-1:00       Torrin Bechtel—High-beta extended MHD simulations of toroidal stellarators

1:00+               lunch break and team-building activity

Thursday, August 14

9:00-9:30         Charlson Kim—Magnetic compression simulations of CTs

9:30-10:15       Val IzzoMulti-valve massive gas injection

10:15-10:30     break

10:30-11:15     Carl Sovinec and Kyle Bunkers—Update on numerical external vacuum and first

                        VDE results

11:15-11:45     Sovinec and Izzo—Discussion of the Theory and Simulation of Disruptions


11:45-12:00     Dan Barnes—Symmetric implicit formulation of Hall advance

12:00-12:15     discussion of application needs

adjourn formal meeting

12:15-1:45       lunch break

1:45-5:00         Working meeting/discussion on giant sawtooth modeling