NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

August 15-16, 2015

Tech-X Corporation, 5621 Arapahoe Avenue, Suite A, Boulder, Colorado

Meeting minutes

Saturday, August 15

Computational topics:

8:15-8:30         Welcoming

8:30-9:15         Carl SovinecFree-boundary Grad-Shafranov solves with NIMEQ

9:15-10:00       Valerie IzzoRunning NIMROD with OMFIT

10:00-10:15     break

10:15-11:00     Jacob King—Scaling and other considerations for NIMROD on the Blue Gene Q

Physical model development and analysis:

11:00-11:45     Jeong-Young Ji (presented by Held)—Electron parallel closures for arbitrary ion

                        charge number

11:45-12:30     Eric Held— Update on drift-kinetic computations with NIMROD

12:30-1:30       lunch break


1:30-2:15         Tom Jenkins—Giant sawtooth modeling with PIC closures: recent developments

2:15-3:00         Eric Howell—Internal kink verification for giant sawtooth study

3:00-3:45         Nick Roberds Sawtooth simulations for tokamaks and CTH

3:45-4:00         break

4:00-4:45         Valerie Izzo Massive gas injection simulations with rotation

4:45-5:30         Jacob King—Update on edge harmonic oscillation studies

team dinner

Sunday, August 16

8:30-9:15         Ping Zhu—Neoclassical toroidal viscosity induced by resonant magnetic


9:15-10:00       Torrin Bechtel—Addition of Spitzer resistivity to high-beta stellarator simulations

10:00-10:45     Joshua SauppeMHD and Hall dynamo drive in extended MHD computations of

                        plasma relaxation dynamics

10:45-11:00     break

11:00-11:45     John O'Bryan—Simulations of gun-driven spheromaks

11:45-12:30     Kyle Morgan—Finite beta HIT-SI simulations

12:30-1:30       lunch break

1:30-2:15         Aaron Froese Characterization of General Fusion's plasma devices

2:15-3:00         Kyle BunkersConvergence and parameter sensitivity checks for VDE


3:00-3:45         Alexei PankinModeling KSTAR discharges with ELMs

3:45+               Discussion