NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

August 1-3, 2018     Logan, Utah

Spring Hill Suites Logan, 635 South Riverwoods Parkway


August 1

Computational development:

2:00-2:45         Carl Sovinec, Work on implementing least-squares for the Hall-MHD B-advance

                        and seam generalization

2:45-3:30         Eric Howell, Overview of The Discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin Method

3:30-3:45         break

3:45-4:30         Daniel Barnes, Boundary integral methods for NIMROD resistive wall

4:30-5:30         Discussion on generalized blocks and using Gitlab [H(curl) part] - led by Jacob King and Brian


team dinner

August 2

Physical model development:

8:30-9:15         Jeong-Young Ji, Closure theory of partially ionized gases

9:15-10:00       Hankyu Lee, Implementing parallel moment equations in NIMROD

10:00-10:15     break

10:15-11:00     Eric Held, Summary of continuum kinetic work at USU

11:00-11:45     Joseph Jepson, Further Verification of delta-F Flow Damping Results and Future

                        Work (2 files)


11:45-12:30     Ping Zhu, Initial MHD and EP analysis for CFETR design

12:30               lunch break and team-building exercise

August 3

8:30-9:15         Xingting Yan, NIMROD analyses on MHD stability of negative triangularity


9:15-10:00       Jacob King, Update on progress on QH-mode and edge transport modeling

10:00-10:15     break

10:15-11:00     John O'Bryan, Magnetic self-organization in the shallow solar convection zone

11:00-11:45     Urvashi Gupta, Toroidal 3D simulations of equilibrium QSH state in RFPs with


11:45-12:30     Torrin Bechtel, 3D Flux Computation Development and Improved Stellarator


12:30-1:30       lunch break


1:30-2:15         Ge Wang, Linear and nonlinear resistive-wall mode computations in toroidal


2:15-3:00         Carl Sovinec, Nonlinear modeling of asymmetric VDEs and initial TREX


3:00                 adjourn