NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

August 21-23, 2019     Madison, Wisconsin

1045 Engineering Centers Building, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Team Meeting Minutes

Computational development:

8:30-9:15        Carl Sovinec, Energy and momentum corrections and update on toroidal


9:15-10:00      Brian Cornille, Update on applications of H(curl) elements in NIMROD

10:00-10:30    Trevor Taylor, Serendipity shape functions in NIMROD's delta-f PIC approach

10:30-10:45    break

10:45-11:15    Brett Adair, Nonclassical quadrature schemes for Coulomb collisions

11:15-11:45    Alex Sainterme, Use of BLAS in matrix-vector products and revisiting Pardiso

11:45-12:15    Jake King, Discussion of impurity implementation

lunch break

1:45-2:30        Andy Spencer, Improved method for computing drift-kinetic Rosenbluth


Physical model development:

2:30-3:15        Hankyu Lee, Implementation of parallel moment equations in NIMROD

3:15-4:00        Sina Taheri, Update on neutral model and open boundaries

4:00-4:15        break

4:15-4:45        Tyler Markham, Relativistic continuum DKE implementation in NIMROD:


4:45-5:30        Ge Wang, Reduced model of runaway electrons in NIMROD

team dinner

August 22


8:30-9:15        Joseph Jepson, Progress on error refinement of numerical steady-state poloidal

flow result using NIMROD delta-F drift kinetics

9:15-10:00      Jake King, Tokamak edge modeling

10:00-10:15    break

10:15-11:00    Ping Zhu, Plasma response and flow relaxation induced by RMP in a tokamak

11:00-11:45    Val Izzo, Modeling of shell pellet injection for disruption mitigation on DIII-D

11:45-12:30    Eric Howell, Update on NTM modeling

12:30               lunch break and team-building exercise


August 23

8:45-9:30        Urvashi Gupta, Numerical study of pressure-gradient driven dynamics in a

cylindrical pinch

9:30-10:15      Jake Maddox, Energy transfer through plasmoid reconnection and development of

a sub-grid model

10:15-10:30    break

10:30-11:15    Ethan Peterson, Laboratory stellar wind: Experiment and computational modeling

11:15-12:00    Torrin Bechtel, Update on stellarator modeling

12:00-12:30    Colin Guilbault, New cylindrical stellarator initialization

12:30-1:00      Discussion


1:00                 adjourn