NIMROD Team Meeting Agenda

August 2nd-4th 2023

Hybrid Format, Hosted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Times are in U.S. Central Daylight Savings Time

Wednesday, August 2nd (3609 Engineering Hall, 1415 Engineering Dr.):

8:55 AM       Welcoming

9:00 AM Alex Sainterme, Linear stability of fluid runaway electron beam

9:45 AM Val Izzo, REMC, DSP, and MGI modeling updates

10:30 AM break

10:45 AM Ping Zhu, Impurity seeded TM and NTM growth on CFETR

11:30 AM Fatima Ebrahimi, Nonlinear ELM simulations

12:15 PM lunch break

1:45 PM Andrew Ingram, New local and coaxial helicity injection simulations for Pegasus-III

2:30 PM Eric Held, Future of continuum kinetics in NIMROD

3:15 AM break

3:30 PM Joseph Jepson, Modeling a simplified n=1 RMP Scenario using the Chapman-Enskog-like (CEL) kinetic closure approach in NIMROD

4:15 PM Jeong-Young Ji, Closure theory for high-collisionality multi-ion plasmas

evening team dinner

Thursday, August 3rd (3609 Engineering Hall, 1415 Engineering Dr.):

8:45 AM Fatima Ebrahimi, Magneto-curvature instability in differentially rotating plasmas

9:30 AM Andrew Spencer, Simultaneous advance for extended MHD with kinetic closures: verification and applications

10:15 AM break

10:30 AM Sanket Patil, Update on NIMSTELL application to tearing modes

11:15 AM David Arnold, Development of non-axisymmetric resistive wall models for MHD Simulations of HBT-EP and other tokamaks

12:00 PM lunch break and team building

Friday, August 4th (1307 Engineering Research Building, 1500 Engineering Dr.):

8:45 AM Eric Howell, Exploring numerical issues with background flow

9:30 AM Jacob King, Update on the abstract accelerated infrastructure

10:00 AM break

10:15 AM Jacob King, Path forward on code repository management and packaging

11:00 AM Carl Sovinec, Porting Fourier-banded preconditioners from NIMSTELL to NIMROD

11:45 AM      Discussion

12:30 PM                      adjourn