Reports and Presentations

2005 APS/DPP (Denver, CO)

2004 APS/DPP (Savannah, GA)

2004 Innovative Confinement Concepts Workshop (Madison, WI)

2004 Sherwood Fusion Theory Meeting (Missoula, MT)

2003 APS/DPP (Albuqurque, NM)

2003 Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference - Corpus Christi, Texas

Journal Papers

An Introduction to the NIMROD Fusion Magnetohydrodynamics Simulation Project

Computer in Science and Engineering Preprint

2002 APS/DPP (Orlando, FL)

19th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference -- October 2002

Miscellaneous Presentations

Magnetofluid Workshop -- August 2002 (San Diego, CA)

2002 Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference

Third Quarter 2002 Progress Report

2002 IAEA Workshop on Plasma Instabilities

2001 APS/DPP 2001 (Long Beach, CA)

Physics of Plasma Publication

2001 Sherwood Fusion Theory Meeting (Santa Fe, NM)

2001 Second Quarter Progress Report

2001 First Quarter Progress Report

2000 Fourth Quarter Progress Report

2000 Varenna Conference on Theory of Fusion Plasmas

2000 Third Quarter Progress Report

2000 Second Quarter Progress Report

Physical Review Letters submittal

2000 Sherwood (Los Angeles, CA)

2000 First Quarter Progress Report

Los Alamos Numerical Analysis Seminar

1999 APS/DPP 1999 (Seattle, WA)

1999 Fourth Quarter Progress Report

1999 Sherwood and APS Centennial Meeting (Atlanta, GA)

APS/DPP 1998 - New Orleans

1998 International Conference on Plasma Physics (Prague)

1998 Sherwood and Non-Linear MHD Meeting Posters (Atlanta, GA)

APS/DPP 1997 - Pittsburgh

July 1997 NIMROD Review

1997 Sherwood and Non-Linear MHD Meeting Posters (Madison, WI)

APS 1996 Denver meeting papers