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Sites of Team Member's Home Group

Center for Plasma Theory and Computation at the University of Wisconsin - Madison
Tech-X Corporation
Tech-X Corporation specializes in computational science problems
GA Fusion Theory
Fusion Theory and Simulation Group at General Atomics - San Diego
Center for Integrated Plasma Studies at University of Colorado - Boulder

Data Visualization Links

LLNL VisIt data visualization package
Python matplotlib
Python matplotlib data visualization module
Python h5py
Python h5py module for reading HDF5 files
VizSchema Trac site
Trac site for VizSchema visualization plugin format for VisIt

Fusion and Plasma Physics

The Office of Fusion Energy Sciences at the U.S. Department of energy provides funding support for NIMROD.
Home page for the DIII-D tokamak run by General Atomics in San Diego.
Home page for the NSTX-U spherical torus run by Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.
Tokamak Physics Design and Analysis Codes
Home pages for several codes from Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.


SuperLU homepage
NIMROD often uses the SuperLU sparse matrix solver
CMake homepage
The nimdevel version of NIMROD uses a CMake build system
Fortran 90 Tutorial
NIMROD is written in Fortran 90 (and later). Here is an introduction to Fortran 90 the language.
MPI: The Complete Reference
ANL MPI page
NIMROD uses the Message Passing Interface for parallelism.
Top 500 Supercomputing Sites
NIMROD runs on some of the fastest computers in the world.

Numerical Techniques

Spectral/hp element methods for computational fluid dynamics text book
Spectral element text book
CFD Online
Initial-value MHD simulations has much in common with the much larger Computational Fluid Dynamics community. This is an excellent site for CFD resources including some excellent bibliographies.